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Thanks for checking out Daedalus Music, the fastest-growing site for musical equipment reviews and buying guides. I’m Daedalus Nicoli, the namesake of the blog, and I can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve learned throughout my time in the music industry. 

The Importance Of The Right Musical Instrument

Throughout my time in the music industry, it has been my privilege to serve as a music teacher. I have taught a variety of instruments to a variety of children and adults alike. Some went on to musical success of their own. Others, unfortunately, abandoned their lessons before making any real progress. 

I am often asked by curious friends what it takes to go from being just another student to being a successful musician. While I won’t deny that natural talent certainly plays a role in the process, what I believe is more important in a person’s musical development is the quality of the instrument they are learning on. To learn to play the drums, you must learn on the right drum kit. To learn to play the guitar, you must learn on the right guitar. You see what I’m getting at, I’m sure, but it simply cannot be stressed enough. If a student tries to learn an instrument on a low-quality model, they cannot be expected to fall in love with their lessons. 

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The Best Beginner Drum Set - Daedelus Music

The Best Beginner Drum Set

Below you’ll find what we believe are the best beginner drum sets available in 2020. We hope that these suggestions will help you find the best product that will keep your young artist busy while they develop their skills at playing the drums.

The Best Drum Set for Kids - Daedelus Music Reviews

The Best Drum Set for Kids

From budget toddler models to near professional full-featured drum sets, in 2020, there’s a wider selection available today than ever before. In this article we’ll concentrate on the best drum sets you can buy for your child between the ages of 4-10.

The 10 Best Drum Thrones

Best Drum Thrones

The best drum thrones of 2020 boast some seriously cool features that you just won’t find on their predecessors. For example, many recently released drum thrones utilize the latest research into body posture to provide optimum geometric support.

Best Bass Drum Pedals

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best drum pedals available in 2020. Whether you’re a beginner drummer or a seasoned professional, we’ll show you some of the best drum pedals you can find on the market today to help you find the right one to serve you best.

Best Cajón Box Drum

A cajón drum is not intended to replace a full drum kit. However, for jamming with friends, enjoying an open mike night, or for busking on a street corner, it can add another dimension to any musical tune. Below you’ll find our choices of some of the best cajón drums in 2020 for both beginners and professionals.

Best Electronic Drum Pad

Although many of today’s top-quality high-end drum pads can be expensive, the results you will hear will be far superior to any entry-level pad. Even so, some of the competitive options we’ll describe here can be good alternatives for beginners or drummers on a tight budget.

Best 10 Cymbal Pack

In this article, we will take a close look at some of the best cymbal packs available in 2020. Whether you are a beginner drummer or a seasoned professional, we’ll show you what we consider are some of the best cymbal packs you can find on the market today so you can choose the right one that will serve you the best.

Best 10 Drum Heads

Even the most seasoned drummer will be amazed by the difference the best drum heads of 2020 can make to their playing. The drum heads you will find discussed in this article boast enhanced durability, superior overtone reduction, and, more often than you might expect, remarkably low price tags.

Best 10 Hi Hat Stands

The best hi hat stands of 2020 offer the perfect blend of stability and versatility. Awesome contemporary features, such as wide ranging tension adjustment and reinforced legs allow them to provide a flexible playing experience without sacrificing the support every drummer needs.